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The Importance of Secure File Transfer Software

March 31st, 2021 by admin

File-sharing technology has become a mainstay in today's business world. It is especially useful in a business-to-business capacity. The ability to file transfer important documents makes doing business more efficient than ever.

The average organization uses file sharing daily with an average of 826 external domains and emails. Up to 9.2% of those files contain confidential information and sensitive documents.

Secure file transfer style provides your organization with a host of benefits. The most important is keeping your information safe.

With file transfer software, you can transfer large documents over a network connection. This capability allows for easier communications.

Some software programs for file sharing don't put a limit on the size of files that you share. This alleviates frustration with file size when trying to send files to others. Because of that ability, it makes international business and working globally much easier. It also prevents you from needing a central server that is always online, saving you money.

From a security standpoint, file transfer software goes a long way towards providing you peace of mind. It is important that your confidential information arrives at its destination.

File transfer software has the added bonus of use as a secure email solution. It can also notify you when your data or sensitive documents have been accessed.

Another perk for the security of your documents is the option to have your data encrypted. Encryption is a must for organizations that handle sensitive documents.

Organizations like doctor's offices must abide by HIPPA. They need encryption to keep confidential information about their patients secure and safe. Law offices are another organization type that handles sensitive documents.

Encrypted file sharing technology is vital for helping these organizations run more efficiently. It keeps their internal documents and patient or client information secure.

File sharing software also allows for quick and collaborative workspaces within your organization. Sharing files quickly makes working together easier. This is especially true if your employees are working remotely.

Secure file transfer software also grants you the ability to run reports. Running reports makes it easier to conduct audits of your data and file transfers. This provides greater accountability and leads to better security within your organization.

Auto-deletion schedules are another security measure that comes with secure file transfer software. Sensitive documents get deleted after a certain period of time. Deleting them prevents them from being accessed by unqualified individuals.

File transfer software is also a great way to decrease the size of your organization's email server. It will also help to cut back on server traffic.

Less server traffic means less opportunity for confidential information to wind up in the wrong hands. This measure makes communication and file sharing easier. Protecting sensitive documents about your clients, patients, or students is the highest priority.

The best way to keep your organization's sensitive documents safe when file sharing with other organizations is to sign up for a secure file transfer software. Say goodbye to fax lines. Say hello to the future of secure file transfers.

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