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Reduce Print Costs with Professional Print Management

PaperCut is a program that was built to track and control printing costs from a desktop or mobile device. At first glance, the expense and challenges of print management might appear simple, but tracking paper costs and setting print authorizations can quickly become unwieldy. Lang Company has years of experience with managed print services and PaperCut have the software solution for your struggles. PaperCut secure printing comes with features that include customizable reporting, user authentication, full integration with your standalone or multifunction printer (MFP), and driverless printing.

These programs are easy to use and affordable for your budgetary limitations. They are designed to track prints and copies for your own workplace or environments where clients or students are using your equipment. It allows you to keep track of your own paper costs or the paper costs of others for your billing purposes. User authorization can be set up for those with permission to use the printing equipment, and limitations can be made on how much certain users can print or copy.

Manage Your Costs and Resources for Greater Efficiency

Take advantage of fully featured print and copy control from PaperCut and Lang Company.

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PaperCut Print Management Software from Lang Company

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The development team at PaperCut has made the process easier for customers and organizations to track and control their printing performance. Their team is conscious of the environmental impact that mismanaged printing has on a global scale; it is one of the most important motivations behind them starting the company and producing their software. PaperCut is trying to encourage more thoughtful printing strategies in corporations worldwide. They have worked for 20 years to build the strategies and programs that make it cost effective to track your printing expenses. It makes sense for the environment and for the organizations that take advantage of their technology.

Manage Your Print Devices with PaperCut Printing Software

One of the principles that Lang Company lives by is helping our customers “Do Business Better,” and having the right product is only the start of a good partnership with our customers. Systems like PaperCut give us the ability to lower the costs of your fleet of printers and help you control your paper-intensive workflows. PaperCut offers two options for its print management systems: PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF. Both of the options offer many of the same features, including:

  • Simplicity: The program installs and goes into action within minutes. Setting up and tailoring the program to your needs is straightforward and transparent.
  • Scalability: This system easily scales from 5 to 500,000 users, depending on the needs of your organization.
  • Compatibility: PaperCut MF works on almost any platform – Windows, Mac, Linux, and Novell.
  • Automated: It automatically integrates authorized users from active directory, LDAP, and more.
  • Supported: The program is supported by a worldwide network of certified experts, like the team at Lang Company.
  • Mobility: This is specifically only part of the PaperCut MF program. For bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and added mobility, the program allows users to print from almost any device they have at their disposal.

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