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Customer Support Directly from Experienced Industry Experts

There are many service providers out there that farm out their help desk services to a third party or secondary provider. We don’t believe in working that way at Lang Company. We understand the value of having someone who knows and understands your unique needs and technology platform answering the phone when you need us. When you’re having networking issues, you want to talk to the company that helped assess it.

By being part of the same support team, our customer support works closely with field staff to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. That is one of the reasons that we staff our help desk ourselves rather than farming it out to someone else. When you call our desk services, you will be connected to a real person who has Lang Company resources at their disposal.

Having our resources and information at their fingertips makes their job easier and solves your problems even faster. Our technicians will be starting with advantages that third parties won’t have, and that edge helps both the customer and us. We feel that this is one of the only ways to get to know our customers and their preferences more closely. Our help desk operates 24/7, 365. We are always available to resolve your issues and address your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say:

“Best Help Desk I’ve had in my years in hospitality. Thank You!”

– Marsha M. | Hospitality

Don’t Settle for Inferior IT Service Support

Lang Company has the tools and knowledgeable staff to provide excellent help desk services.

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Professional Customer Service Requires a Layered Approach

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When the team at Lang Company developed our managed IT services, we knew that we would not be able to deliver customer satisfaction unless we provided a comprehensive IT solution. All of our services have their advantages, but the true value of their work comes when they are used in tandem.

There is no single perfect IT solution, but a library of services like ours can come together and provide an exceptional customer experience. Our help desk solution is aided by methods like our remote monitoring practices and onsite support technicians. All of them were developed to create a comprehensive net of services that covers any gaps that the others might have. They all work together to form our IT365 program.

Our Help Desk Managed Services Offer Peace of Mind

One of the elements of the workplace that many people overlook is how state of mind affects performance. If you are constantly having network connection issues or you are seeing new network repair problems every week, then you are not in a productive mindset. These hurdles are all standing in the way of your success.

Lang Company can remove those hurdles with our technical support and give you a clear path to achieving your business goals. Our analysts are equipped with help desk software and an in-depth knowledge base of our best practices.

When you call in to our help desk, you will be able to speak with an informed and knowledgeable expert about the technical issues that you are having. Our help desk closes out the majority of our calls, but if your problems cannot be addressed remotely or over the phone, we do have onsite support available. When they arrive, they will have a headstart from work already performed by the help desk analyst.

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