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Lang Company Office Locations

Louisville, KY

Founded in 1945, our Louisville location serves as our headquarters. Our 20,000 square foot facility houses top management and our administrative team; our customer care center, sales personnel, service department, and dispatch center; our IT365 department and help desk; and our main supply, parts, and equipment distribution warehouse.

Evansville, IN

In 1980, Lang Company opened a branch office in Evansville, Indiana. Like Louisville, our Evansville branch has factory-trained service personnel, knowledgeable sales representatives, a dedicated management team, and an inventory of parts, supplies, and equipment.

Owensboro, KY

In 1980, Lang Company opened a branch office in Owensboro, Kentucky. Our Owensboro office employs a team of service, sales, and management personnel.

Bowling Green, KY

In 1980, Lang Company opened a branch office in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our Bowling Green branch has factory-trained service technicians, informed sales personnel, and a dedicated management team to ensure excellent service and support. This branch also carries an inventory of supplies and equipment to service you in emergencies.

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Document Management Solutions and Office Systems from Lang Company

For more than 70 years, Lang Company has been supplying the office technology needs of organizations in multiple locations. Over the years, we have expanded our offices and resources to reach a greater service area and deliver more effective solutions to our customers.

From our multiple locations, Lang Company’s team of technicians are equipped to offer award-winning office equipment, electronic document management software, Total Print Care, and managed IT services. Lang Company will be there to help you make sure that all of these key features work together to enhance your business processes.

Our product selection includes office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and printers from the nation’s top manufacturers. We offer multiple manufacturers because we want to have the freedom to carefully select the products that are right for each customer’s unique situation.

We also have a managed IT service we call our IT365 program. This plan takes a proactive approach to leveraging technology to become a key contributor to achieving your business objectives. We have the collaborative tools and expertise to monitor your systems and boost your productivity.