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Your Company Needs More than Just Data Backup Solutions

Have you ever experienced a data loss? Even on the smallest level, the loss of information can have a significant impact on a business and its operations. Business owners know that the costs of lost data can never be underestimated when you consider all of the implications, from the responsibility of keeping private customer information safe to business interruption and lost productivity in the workforce.

Data protection and backup on the enterprise-level involve more than just an external hard drive in your desk drawer or a flash drive on your keychain. Data backup and recovery services are a practical and effective solution to keeping your information safe and actionable at all times. We’ll get to know your needs and operations with services like our network assessment to start building your custom disaster recovery plan.

To ensure that your data is protected in the event of a natural disaster or other disruption, our backup software can replicate your data to the cloud or local backups. Depending on your security needs, your information can also be encrypted as it is backed up. This provides the best protection to ensure that your data is safe and recoverable.

Our disaster recovery services offer:

  • Comprehensive Service: Our software is capable of backing up the entirety of your data as frequently as every 5 minutes, depending on your requirements.
  • Rapid Response: Your organization can have instant recovery of damaged or deleted files.
  • Enhanced Productivity: We deliver near-zero downtime for your data following server/hardware failures.
  • Redundant Geographical Location: You can leverage offsite backup to secure data centers for comprehensive disaster recovery.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say:

“We are confident that our data is safe and our equipment up to date. Our Lang team is awesome!”

– Linda Y. | Law Firm

We Understand the Importance of Backup Plans

Our team of experts will work with you to create the most effective backup and disaster recovery plan for your organization.

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Professional Data Recovery Also Boosts Your Security Services

In today’s modern world of technology, there are always going to be new threats to your cybersecurity. No matter how robust your security solutions are, there is always the chance of human error or something making it through your safety measures. Cryptolocker and other types of malware are growing threats that will steal or encrypt your data to hold it ransom. We’ll have remote monitoring in place to watch out for these types of threats, but your backup plan will be there as a countermeasure.

In cases like this, you’ll be happy you have a comprehensive disaster recovery solution in place. You can just restore your data from the backups and get back to work right away. This will minimize disruptions to your operations and save your company both time and money. All of this goes into our planning for the future continuity of your business.

Disaster Recovery Plays a Major Role in Your Business Continuity

When we talk about data backup on the enterprise-level, we are really talking about protecting the future of your business. Every company needs to have a business continuity plan. Business continuity ensures that you have safeguards in place to protect the functions of your business from disaster, data loss, or other unexpected events. The majority of businesses that experience significant disasters or data loss without these plans in place, never recover.

Business continuity strategies ensure the long-term survival of your organization, and disaster recovery is about withstanding the short-term hazards that threaten your productivity. They are both different pieces of the same puzzle.

We have rock-solid disaster recovery solutions that not only back up your data as frequently as every 5 minutes, but in times when your server or desktop fails, our service can actually take on the role of the failed IT device and function as a temporary replacement while continuing to perform backups.

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