[heading]AWARD WINNING OFFICE EQUIPMENT:  Copy-Print-Fax-File-Scan[/heading]

[column width=”3/4″ position=”first” ]One of our greatest offerings at Lang Company is being able to offer copiers, printers, and fax equipment from numerous award-winning manufacturers including Konica Minolta & Kyocera.  We are not tied to any one manufacturer.  We select only those products that offer exceptional value and reliability to our customers.  You get a product that fits your needs and your budget.  From desktop printer to full size production printing, we offer a system designed with your needs in mind.  To view our office catalog, please visit our Catalog page. [/column] [column width=”1/4″ position=”last” ]MK goup[/column]

[heading]MANAGED PRINT SERVICES[/heading]

[column width=”3/4″ position=”first” ]One of the fastest growing services is our managed print services program.  This program is designed to help you analyze and control your expenses with regard to your laser printer fleet. First, we help you pinpoint exactly what you are spending and how much you are printing.  Then we show you potential ways to optimize the printer fleet.  In doing so, we usually will find cost savings opportunities and greater office productivity.  After optimizing the fleet, we place your printer fleet under a service maintenance program similar to your office copiers. Our all inclusive program greatly reduces the time your admin and IT staffs spend on printer related issues.  The cost savings usually drive the decision to implement a managed print services program, but when you ask our customers what they like most, they will tell you it is the time savings.  To find out more about our program, please contact our specialist at 888-700-0237 or view our MPS page. [/column] [column width=”1/4″ position=”last” ]

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[heading]PRODUCTION PRINT[/heading]

[column width=”3/4″ position=”first” ]At Lang Company, the technology has continued to press ahead, making the production of high quality printed materials easier and more cost effective than ever. We can customize products to your application needs and optimize your productivity. We offer the cutting edge technology of the Konica Minolta production print systems which offer superior performance and unsurpassed value for graphics professionals – delivering the power to increase your output, reduce your costs and satisfy your clients.

Plus, we still offer options from the traditional graphic arts vendors as well. Industry leaders like Duplo, Baum and Presstek may still offer the best solution when you need the highest levels of productivity and quality. More importantly, we have the expertise to fully understand how these products can benefit all of your specific production requirements. For more information about our production print offerings please click here. [/column][column width=”1/4″ position=”last” ]production-print-website[/column]


[column width=”3/4″ position=”first” ]We offer several options for wide format printing.  Our laser based KIP products are geared towards the higher volume architecture and engineering applications.  KIP products are fast, productive and have a very low operating cost.   Their unique features include being able to connect a Konica Minolta MFP or any 600 x 600 dpi wide format color printer to scan originals on the KIP and have them print out on the color device.  We also offer color ink-jet wide format options from HP.  For more information, please visit our KIP PRODUCTS in our Lang Product Catalog. [/column] [column width=”1/4″ position=”last” ]wide format web [/column]