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Managing Your Risks With IT Compliance

May 1st, 2020 by admin

Depending on your industry and your clients, there are multiple regulations and standards that you have to abide by in your operations. These regulations can sometimes become a maze where compliance is a moving target you feel like you'll never hit. Lang Company works to bring this target into focus and offers IT compliance for your organization.

Why Companies Need IT Security Compliance

For anyone who does not understand the goals of IT compliance, the regulations and rules can seem like barriers to success. In truth, compliance is a vital and essential part of running nearly any business. Industry compliance standards set the expectations for security standards and enforce all companies to abide by certain levels of security programs. These requirements work to keep all companies safer. You might only worry about the security precautions in your organization, but how many other companies are connected to yours and share information in some way?

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A higher security wall protects everyone inside, and compliance standards force everyone to abide by the same rules. Many industries found it was necessary to enforce these requirements and remove choice from the equation. Without enforcement, irresponsible business leaders would choose to go without proper security, putting their information at risk but saving money on their IT security expenses. We believe this type of thinking is short sighted and can lead to costs greater than those they were trying to avoid in the first place.

Cyber Security Compliance Is a Growing Area of Importance

Since the invention of the internet, cyber security has always been important, and that principle is not going away. As technology advances and we see new innovative leaps, there is forward movement in the way cyber threats invade other systems. For every precaution and new layer of access control, there is always someone willing to figure out a way around it.

This stubbornness is one of the reasons that compliance regulations and security precautions must be adaptable to the times. The IT security industry must remain flexible and grow with the times. It is an ongoing struggle that must be faced with diligence and commitment. Companies like Lang Company enable organizations like yours to operate with the secure peace of mind in the safety of your processes. Let's take a look at some of the different forms of compliance and how they affect different industries.

HIPAA IT Compliance

HIPAA compliance refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act works to reduce healthcare fraud or abuse, mandates industry-wide standards for the protection of healthcare information on electronic billing, and requires confidential handling of protected health information. HIPAA requires any organization that deals with healthcare providers and organizations to create and maintain procedures to ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information (PHI) that is being transferred, received, handled, or shared.

PCI Compliance

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance was developed by credit card companies to help promote and ensure the security of credit card transactions in all the payment industries. PCI compliance regulates the technical and operational standards that organizations follow to protect any and all credit card data cardholders provide that is transmitted through card transactions. The standards for PCI compliance are developed and managed by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Is Compliance Enough to Keep Your Business Safe?

These rules and regulations go a long way in protecting and preventing factors like data breaches, intrusions, or theft. They are an excellent place to start, but even they are not always enough to give your organization complete protection. That's why the team at Lang Company goes above and beyond with services like network assessment, disaster recovery, and remote monitoring. These services are part of a larger strategy to keep your systems secure and your data safe from intrusion.

Ready to take your safety precautions to another level? Reach out to Lang Company today to get started.

We have the knowledge and experience to keep your company compliant with strict precautions and ample safeguards in your network. We're here to help you “Do Business Better,” whether that means providing you with the most modern office equipment, the most applicable document solutions, or the strongest security measures. To learn more about how to manage your IT compliance and the impact it can have on your organization, contact Lang Company today.

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