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Case Study: Homeland, Inc.'s Technological Transformation with Lang Company

November 14th, 2023 by admin

Technological Transformation

Executive Summary

Homeland, Inc., a property management service provider, faced significant challenges in managing documents due to strict government compliance rules. With over 5,000 residents across 200+ properties in 4 states, the risk of human error in form management was high, potentially leading to severe fines. Lang Company stepped in to provide a robust solution that not only streamlined Homeland's document management processes but also brought about substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements.

The Primary Issue

Homeland, Inc. was grappling with the complexity of managing a vast array of documents crucial for maintaining compliance in the subsidized housing sector. The manual handling of applications, leases, and other records was fraught with risks, including the use of outdated forms and misplacement of vital documents. These errors were not mere inconveniences; they carried the weight of possible legal penalties and financial repercussions.

Given the scale of Homeland's operations, the task of ensuring accurate and accessible documentation for each property manager was daunting. The need for an error-proof system was evident to prevent the potential fallout from non-compliance.

The Lang Company Solution

Lang Company, with its commitment to helping businesses "Do Business Better," recognized the need for a sophisticated yet user-friendly document management system. After a thorough analysis of Homeland's document workflow and storage needs, Lang Company proposed an Enterprise Content Management System from Square 9, a leader in the industry.

This system was designed to centralize control over form creation and document workflow, thus granting Homeland complete oversight of their document processes from start to finish. Features such as auto and key-free indexing were introduced to minimize the time spent on ensuring documents were correctly filed and easily retrievable for recertifications.

The Result: A Paradigm Shift in Efficiency and Compliance

The implementation of Square 9's Enterprise Content Management System marked a turning point for Homeland. The Compliance Department experienced significant time savings by eliminating the need to correct improperly filled-out forms and simplifying the tracking, processing, and filing of documents. Recertifications became more straightforward and quicker, reducing the training period required for new site managers.

Moreover, the shift to electronic storage led to reduced printing and storage costs, enhanced security, and reliable backups for disaster recovery. The success of this system in the Compliance Department inspired Homeland to extend the solution to their Accounting Department, optimizing their Accounts Payable and Receivable processes.

Lang Company's intervention with Square 9's Enterprise Content Management System provided Homeland, Inc. with a comprehensive solution that addressed their document management challenges head-on. The results were transformative, yielding time savings, cost reductions, and a significant decrease in compliance-related risks. This case study exemplifies how targeted technological solutions can revolutionize operational efficiency and compliance in the property management industry.

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