wide-format-graphicOur wide format printers give you superior solutions for viewing and printing wide-format engineering drawings, public-works documents and more — with fast output, simple operation, superior image quality in both color and B&W, and scalable configurations to meet the needs of both headquarters and field operations. If you are currently using a plotter, KIPs can be used with the same functions as a plotter but also have the ability for scanning and copying wide format.

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KIP 800 Series

If your business prints a lot of wide-format materials—posters, banners, signs, etc.—it could benefit you to bring wide-format printing in-house. Having a wide-format printer in-house allows you to print your projects exactly when you need them. The KIP 800 print system series is ideal for environments that require convenient multi-function productivity with a single footprint space-saving design. It provides extraordinary print quality and performance for both color and black & white wide format printing of technical and business graphics.

Exceptional Image Quality

Wide-format printers use toner based technology to ensure that images appear with amazing clarity and that text is clear and sharp. When printing from a KIP it is dry when it exits the machine due to the toner based technology. It allows faster turn around for your specific projects.

Wide Range of Media Capabilities

Whether you need to print large posters, banners, store displays, or tradeshow materials, KIPs can do it all on a variety of paper sizes and materials.

High-Speed Printing

Get your wide-format projects at lighting fast speeds, all with high-quality images and graphics.

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