Total Print Care (MPS)

Save time, money and trouble.

A free analysis can reveal an opportunity to “right size” your printer fleet, streamline office and IT management involved in the procurement of printers, supplies, and service repair and control your printing cost.

When you think about hp toner changeit, most companies know how much they are paying for their office multi-function devices down to the fraction of a penny.  They have a full understanding of what all is included in the expense, know their usage and the costs are detailed in a simple invoice.

Very few companies, however, have this type of control and knowledge with regard to  their printer fleet.  Important considerations like the cost of operation and actual volume being printed on a device are often unknown and therefore not considered when making a choice.  Often times, price and speed alone are the two main variables used to base a decision.  These can be costly oversights.

Let Lang help you get control of your printing expenses.  With so many variables, very few companies fully understand how much they spend on laser printers and related supplies and service.  Lang Company can help you quantify these expenses and, more importantly, help you reduce and control these expenses by putting the right printer in the right place.  For a full description of how our TPC process works and the benefits of the program visit out Total Print Care page.