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7 Ways to Reduce Printing Expenses in the Office

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The Kyocera Tiered Color System Advantage

Are cost concerns holding you back from color printing? Kyocera's unique Tiered Color System can save you up to 50% on color prints!

Only pay for the color you use.

  • Works seamlessly with Kyocera color MFPs and printers, offering excellent color quality within your budget.
  • Print impactful documents with a splash of color or vibrant full coverage to get your message across at a lower cost per page, based on tiered billing.
  • Reduce the cost of your color printing by evaluating whether you are printing a simple text document with a color company logo or a full color document.

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Tiered Color System

Tiered Color System Printers Choose the appropriate tier based on the needs of your business and optimize your print investment

Cut Your Color Printing Expense with Tiered Color

Kyocera's unique tiered pricing technology means you only pay for the toner you use.

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Business Color Printing Customized to Fit Your Needs

Finally, a solution that revolutionizes the way you pay for color printing. Kyocera technology puts you in control by defining your color usage levels, based on your documents. Therefore, you pay only for the amount of color you use. For example, do you currently use a black and white MFP or printer, but would like to add color to documents, such as letterheads and invoices? Kyocera's unique Tiered Color System can help you control your costs by evaluating every document to determine whether it is a simple text document with a color company logo, a full color document or somewhere in between, and charging accordingly.