In today’s business environment, choosing the right IT service provider can be challenging and confusing. With a vast number of companies offering IT products and services, it is hard to know which one is the best fit for your company. Add to that the constant influx of emerging technologies and it is hard to know if the IT decisions you make today are going to hold true a year from now.

At Lang Company, we strive to take as much of the mystery out of Information Technology as possible. We are committed to providing personalized customer service and will take the time to help you understand critical aspects of the IT industry. We will describe our service offerings in a way that is straight forward, honest and easy to understand. We will help you sift through all of the industry jargon, marketing ploys, and current trends, so that together, we can design and implement practical and realistic solutions that will meet the long term goals for your business. To learn more about IT365 please call us at 888.700.0237.

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[heading]REMOTE MONITORING & REPAIR[/heading]

As a business owner you understand the importance of maintaining your IT infrastructure and preventing downtime that causes an inefficient workforce.  Unfortunately, when issues arise, there are usually a high-costs associated with restoring systems back to working order.  What if you could have prevented the downtime in the first place? What if you had a team of resources monitoring your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Instead of reactive services, call us, to better understand how we support our customers to provide preventative maintenance to avoid issues that may cause for serious downtime and frustration by your staff.  Our goal is to avoid imposing on your day, so you can effectively utilize your IT and focus on your core business. Contact us below to learn more about remote monitoring & repair and our IT365 program.


Our services include:

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  • Server Preventative Maintenance & Management
  • Desktop Preventative Maintenance & Management
  • Immediate Help Desk Support with 24/7 Availability
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Network Device Management
  • Mobile Device Management

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This is not just backup. This is Business Continuity!

If you have ever experienced any level data loss, you can certainly recognize its value to your organization.  Regardless of size of your company, the costs of the lost data can never be undervalued considering all implications including customer information, impact on contractual obligations and lost productivity.

Our rock-solid solution not only backs up your data as frequent as every 5 minutes, but in the occurrence of a server/desktop failure, this solution takes on the role of the failed IT device while continuing to perform backups.  Don’t consider it as simply a data backup solution, but as a full business continuity solution.

To ensure that your data is protected in the event of a local disaster, our solution encrypts and replicates your data to the cloud. This provides the best protection to ensure your data is safe and recoverable.

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  • Backups entire data
  • Instant recovery of damaged or deleted files
  • Near-zero downtime for server/hardware failures
  • Off-site backup to secure data centers for comprehensive disaster recovery


Call us at 888.700.0237 to learn more about how we protect your company’s data.

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[heading]NETWORK ASSESSMENT[/heading]

Is your company at risk?

9 out of 10 IT networks that we analyze will have potentially serious problems sitting undetected – leading to a risk of unauthorized access, interruption of business, and other costly technical problems.

As a leader in the IT industry, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with your team and provide a no-obligation assessment of your network.  This will enable us to provide you with recommendations on problems to fix – how to get more from your existing technology – how to get increased mobility – how to better lock-down your sensitive information – and much more.

Our unique process has many benefits, including:

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  • No software installed, so no-one will know — including your current IT provider — unless you want them to
  • No agents or probes living on you network for days, weeks, or longer
  • Average-sized networks are scanned quickly, most oftentimes around 30 minutes total.[/checklist]


Category What we uncover…. Optimized
Hardware –  Servers, Workstations, Printers, and non-AD devices (like switches/routers/printers)
–  Old Computers which are still joined to the domain and have not been removed
Software –  Systems with missing Patches / Services Packs / Security Updates
–  Local Accounts (per system) with weak/insecure passwords
–  Systems with missing Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, or firewall misconfiguration
Configuration –  Security policy inconsistency across network servers/computers
–  Outbound system access that should be blocked
–  Lack of Content Filtering (Social Media, Entertainment, Pornography, Illegal Downloads)
Accessibility –  Misconfiguration of user access to network Shares
–  Which users have Mailbox Delegate Access (send on behalf of, access other mailbox)
–  Membership to Email Distribution Groups
Security Risks –  Old user accounts which still have access and have not been properly disabled
–  Internal systems with open ports that pose a potential security risk
–  External issues which put your network at risk of business disruption or data loss

To learn more about our free network assessment please contact us below.


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[heading]LANG COMPANY vCIO: Strategy, Implementation, Execution, Review[/heading]

Lang Company’s vCIO is an affordable way to leverage the critical knowledge of IT professionals without taking on the expense that in-demand experts command.  vCIO services can be provided on-site or as virtual support with direct access to strategic level executives.

Fast-moving technology and today’s business climate dictates that your IT strategy be reviewed consistently with targeted goals and objectives. Lang Company’s vCIO does just that.  It will help you manage your way through the strategy and execution of cloud-based initiatives, collaboration, virtualization, security, and streamlining of your business process.  As a result your organization will be more productive, marketplace agility will become an asset, and big-picture corporate goals will become achievable.

How vCIO Can Help Your Bottom Line:

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  • Decrease the cost of IT expenses
  • Increase your business agility
  • Meet every IT challenge
  • Align IT with your business goals
  • Create a living strategic road map of success
  • Benefit from our industry-proven results-based methodology


IT365 vCIO Roadmap

it365 total network

To learn more about IT365 and how a vCIO can help your company’s bottom line call us at 888.700.0237.

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[heading]MEET YOUR LANG IT365 TEAM[/heading]


Kyle Prather, Director of IT Managed Services

I have been with Lang IT365 for two years, but I’ve been in people management for 20 years. About ten years ago I decided to focus on IT and technology.  After obtaining a BS in Information Technology, I have worked in every facet of the IT industry.  My passion is providing world class customer service along with cutting edge technology and infrastructure support which I have passed along to my team here at Lang.

James Chaffins, Tier 3 Engineer – Louisville

I started in IT upgrading a steel mill from a token ring back-end to modernized windows servers in 2010.  This job, in addition to training received in the military, launched me into a career in IT.  I’ve worked for Fortune 200 companies servicing over 54,000 employees globally, as well as for various managed service providers creating client tailored IT solutions.  I now work as a Tier 3 Engineer at Lang Company, servicing clients throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.


Andrew Johnson, Tier 3 Engineer – Louisville

I earned a technical degree in IT as well as certifications in A+ Hardware and Software, Network+, and Microsoft MCSA.  I worked as a Network/Desktop Technician for 10 years at a school district, while simultaneously owning my own business.  I currently am a Tier 3 Engineer at Lang IT365.  My skills in practicality and planning were gained through earning my eagle scout rank and furthered through the years in these positions.


Eric Goepfrich, vCIO – Evansville

I have 20 years of technical experience.  I started working on computers in high school.  After high school I worked in electronics and on copy machines.  In 2005, I started installing video cameras, overhead paging, phone systems, fire alarms and nurse call systems.  I returned to Lang in 2010 and worked as a network technician.  I soon became a Managed Print Specialist and an Account Manager.  In 2014, I left sales and transitioned to IT365.  In 2015, I became the vCIO of the Lang Evansville office. I work closely with clients to streamline and align solutions for business goals.  I specialize in creating roadmaps and assisting clients with their IT budget.


Josh Gray, Tier 2 Field Engineer – Evansville

I am a Tier 2 IT Engineer at the Evansville Office.  I assist customers on-site with desktops/servers, networking, printers and scanners, as well as installation of the same.  I have over 15 years of IT management and systems administrator experience, previously specializing in small to medium sized law firms. I am well versed in Windows Desktop/Server installation/administration, networking setup and installation, and printer setup and installation.


Gabe Campos, vCIO – Bowling Green

I relocated from California to the Bowling Green area to be closer to family.  I have a broad range of experience in all aspects of technology – – from network infrastructure, servers, and security to desktop and mobile applications.


Joel Elster, Tier 1 Analyst – Louisville

I have worked in the IT field for 20 years. I began my IT career at a small Mom and Pop store, working closely with small businesses and individuals. Since then, I have branched out to working with both Geek Squad and a Fortune 500 company’s call center.  I have a broad array of experience, including desktop support and malware removal to network setup and server management.



Josh Marmet, Tier 1 Analyst – Louisville

I have been installing, configuring, managing and cabling IT and infrastructure projects for 20+ years.  A born and bred Buckeye, I fell in love with the Louisville area while working as a Director at the regional Boy Scout camp.  I made the seasonal trip into a permanent residence in 2010.



Matthew Wemes, Tier 1 On-site Analyst – Louisville

I have been tinkering with computers my whole life.  I have done help desk / service desk work professionally since high school.  I worked on the University of Louisville’s helpdesk while I was a student, beginning freshman year to graduation. Once I graduated, I worked in a call center for a Fortune 200 company providing world class service globally.  Since then, I have continued to provide world class service onsite for one of Lang Company’s top customers in Louisville Kentucky.


Cody Bilbro, Tier 2 Field Engineer – Bowling Green

I started working in IT when I was in high school for extra money. After high school, I enlisted in the Air Force and performed IT duties for my squadron.  When I left the military, I got a job with a managed service provider in my home town as an engineer.  I have been working IT for the past 13 years.


Candace Vincent, Remote Printer Technician – Evansville

I have been in IT since 2008.  I began my career in a small computer repair store and developed a passion for technology.  I obtained my Associates in Computer Science and am currently focusing on gaining additional certifications.  I started on the Lang IT365 service desk, but now field all print tickets that require remote assistance.