Do Business Better!  It is more than just a slogan.  It is a necessity in today’s competitive market.  Information continues to grow at an exponential pace.  How an organization captures, manages, and utilizes that information makes all the difference in your success.  At Lang Company, our job is to assist you in this task.  It can be as simple as helping you control and reduce your print fleet cost or as advanced as automating paper intensive workflows.  Our document solutions offering is all about helping you control cost, manage information, and make you more productive.  All Lang Solutions also include Lang Professional Services. Click below to learn more about our professional services program.


[heading]Document Management and Workflow[/heading]


Award-winning document management GlobalSearch is easy to us, easy to integrate and automates paper intensive processes. It is a comprehensive program that easily integrates into your existing ERP.

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NSI Autostore

NSI is a very flexible program that saves time, reduces errors, and automates your process of converting paper files to electronic documents.  Think of NSI Autostore as a tool to help your end users send electronic documents to the right place with the proper information. NSI integrates with our complete line of MFPs to make routing and indexing documents from the MFP quick and easy. Workflow tools like zonal OCR and automatic naming of files cuts down manual input and processing time.

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Unity Document Suite

Unity Document Suite is a powerful desktop document management solution for creating and converting PDF files, assembling PDF documents, performing OCR, annotating files and editing images. It provides user-friendly communications interface between your multi-function device and your desktop applications — including enterprise document management and content management systems. Inexpensive but powerful, this document tool for the desktop includes OCR, document editing, Bates stamping, form typing and much more.

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Need a secure way to share large or confidential files? With Biscom Secure File Transfer, you can securely send large files, receive notifications, and view reports. Other benefits include:

• No restriction on file size
• Create quick ad-hoc collaborative workspaces
• Complete activity/audit reports; auto deletion schedules
• Reduce email server size and traffic

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[heading]Cost Accounting, Security and User Management[/heading]


A program to track and control printing costs from the desktop or mobile device. It is simple yet feature rich with features that include customizable reporting, authentication, full integration with your MFP or printer, and driver less printing. Easy to use. Papercut is a very affordable program designed to control cost or bill back clients or students.  It is a great program for tracking prints and copies for cost containment or billing back clients to departments.

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