Online Order SystemFor companies of all sizes and industries, business process management is high on the list of priorities. Considering the significant influence of business process management on profitability, this is easily justified. Optimized procedures bring numerous benefits: Common tasks are completed with greater efficiency, flexibility, and speed in addition to becoming more transparent and secure.  Corporate processes should be subject to permanent evaluation. That is why we have developed effective methods and solutions that focus on process modeling and monitoring. These aim for clean, transparent processes without errors or redundancies in order to boost competitiveness.

Unfortunately, the reality at many companies is much different, with unclear lines of responsibility, broken workflows, and “frictional losses” during personal interaction. Having many different systems and applications also makes it difficult to merge various sources of data, such as logs, order confirmations, delivery certificates, invoices, or e-mails. This inevitably results in redundancies and long search times. Faulty decision-making due to a lack of knowledge of procedures is also not uncommon. Above all, companies without effective systems have a greater chance of falling into noncompliance with legal requirements.

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