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[heading]Request Service, Order Supplies or Enter a Meter Reading[/heading]

Please fill out the form below or call 888-700-0237 to request service, order supplies or enter your meter reading.  Please include your Equipment ID from the Lang sticker (shown below).
copier b number

e-Info  When a meter reading is needed, an email will be sent with a direct link to our billing system.  All you have to do is click on the link and input the meter.  It is simple and fast.  You can also use e-Info to place service calls and order supplies. Sign up for eInfo today! For more information, click on e-Info tab above.

[heading]Toner Tips to Keep Your Contract Cost Low![/heading]

* Only replace toner when the machine is indicating it is low. No need to replace all 4 toners at the same time.

* Avoid ordering full sets of toner every time.

* Replace waste toner box when the machines says it is full. Replacing the waste toner box every time you change out a toner is not necessary.

* If you run out of toner in the middle of a print job, simply replace the toner and press start. The print job will start right back up!

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[heading]e-Info Login[/heading]

Please click link below to log in.

[heading]Sign Up for e-Info[/heading]

When you place a service or supply order via your e-Info account, your request is input directly into our system. There are no delays and errors are reduced. You can also enter meter readings through this account. Upon registering, you will automatically be enrolled in our e-Meters program. When a meter is needed, you will receive an email containing a link. This link contains all your specific account information, so all you need to do is enter the meter reading. It is the fastest and most accurate way to enter your readings.

This is a password protected account so you will need to be assigned an ID and password. Please click on e-Info link above or fill out the form below.

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[heading]Operator Manuals[/heading]

To download a manual, please follow the link below to the manufacturer’s website.

Copystar Logo      kip Logo       hp logo KMBS Logo


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[heading]Downloads Drivers[/heading]

To download drivers, please visit the support page of our manufacturers.

KMBS LogoCopystar Logo       kip Logo       hp logo

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[heading]IT365 Service Desk[/heading]

If you are a current Lang IT365 customer, please call 844.483.5887 for immediate service. You may also call our Customer Care Center at 888.700.0237. They will be happy to direct you.

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[heading]Lang Recycle Program[/heading]

In 2011 Lang Company launched an important initiative aimed at improving the lives of our employees, customers, vendors and the planet.  The Better Office, Better Planet project is our continuing commitment to focus on the environmental impact of our products and services.  We have added the following policies to our operational plan at every Lang branch office.

  1. All equipment traded in will be recycled, refurbished for resale or returned to the lease company.  No equipment will end up in a land fill.
  2. All cardboard packaging, pallets and aluminum cans will be recycled in every office.
  3. We will transition most customers to our paperless delivery systems.  All  our documentation, invoices and request can be sent electronically.
  4. We fully support all of our manufacturer’s recycling programs as part of this initiative. For more information on a manufacturer’s program, please click on the appropriate link below. For frequently asked questions about Kyocera’s program please click here.

KMBS Clean Planet


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[heading]FM Audit[/heading]

Please click link below to log in.