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We Follow Through on Our Commitment to the Environment

At Lang Company, we are dedicated to eliminating wasteful practices for our clients because it saves them time and money. However, this is not the only reason we have made it our mission to reduce waste in the business world. The team at Lang Company is committed to helping our environment, as well.

We take every opportunity to recycle and reuse whatever products and items we can. These efforts include everything from cardboard and wooden pallets to office paper, metal from disposed equipment, and empty toner cartridges. This eco-friendly mission is one of the reasons we chose to get involved with the recycling programs at Kyocera and Konica Minolta.

Responsible Disposal with a Worry-Free Solution

Businesses all over the country are looking for ways to reduce the impact they have on the environment. Many of us are willing to make the extra effort to work cleaner and more responsibly, but not everyone knows what steps to take. We have partnered with our manufacturers to make recycling as easy as possible.

Eliminate Wasteful Printing

Reduce waste and cost with PaperCut and Lang Company.

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Kyocera Eco-Friendly Toner Recycling

How It Works

  • Contact your authorized reseller, Lang Company, at (888) 700-0237 to have an eco-friendly toner recycling box delivered to your door
  • Place your empty Kyocera and water toner containers inside until the box is full
  • Seal the package, send it off, and you’re done

100% of every recycled Kyocera toner container is transformed into other useful products. Your former cartridges can become everything from pens to park benches and even asphalt.

Konica Minolta Product Recycling Program

Konica Minolta is working on building a more sustainable world for the future. They acknowledge the impact a corporation can have on the environment and are making efforts to do their part in creating a more sustainable environment. Their Eco Vision 2050 goals are:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions throughout product life cycles by 80%
  • Promote recycling
  • Work to promote biodiversity

Their Clean Planet Program is their cost-free consumables recycling program that adds zero waste to landfills with zero incineration. All Konica Minolta consumables can be recycled. No matter the volume, there is a program that fits your needs.

For Konica Minolta product recycling, customers must communicate directly with the manufacturer. Please visit the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program to learn more and order labels.