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The Benefits of Managed Print Services: How It Can Cut Your Costs

October 14th, 2019 by admin

Have you considered taking advantage of our managed print services? Running any business comes with a wide range of expenses to consider, but the costs of printing and all that entails can often sneak up on business leaders. This ongoing problem is why Lang Company developed our Total Print Care program to help organizations get a better handle on their printing operation expenses. It all starts with us getting to know the details of your printing environment and shaping our strategy around the needs of your company to find the right print solution for you.

How Managed Print Delivers Cost Savings

Managing your printing devices more efficiently is all about optimization and trimming away any waste in your process. All of these seemingly minor changes in your workflow ultimately add up to significant savings for your business. The experts at Lang Company have years of experience in assessing the work environments of many different businesses and finding the best ways to optimize their processes. In this blog, we are going to take a look at just three of the more detailed ways managed print services cut costs and reduce expenses.

  • Optimizing Your Printing Environment

    We can start to eliminate waste and inefficient practices from your workspace by determining the actual usage of each print device in your printer fleet. We quantify the volume and the operating cost of every device to determine if the printer is in the best location.

  • Fewer Printing Devices

    Once you’ve partnered with Lang Company, we then select the print solution that works best for your environment. In many cases, that means eliminating extra printers in favor of a centralized print service. With everyone using fewer, more cost-efficient printers, your business will see lower operating and maintenance costs.

  • Fewer Service Calls and Supply Orders

    As we streamline the printing devices in your workspace, we also take over the supply ordering and service management to free up time for both your IT and admin departments. No supply or service invoices. Everything is included in one monthly invoice.

Those are just three of the benefits your business can expect from managed print services. When you combine that with our document solutions and workflow automation options, you can start to see all the ways we can transform your workspace. Our services reduce your printing expenses and bring your business into the digital age.

Managed Print Services for Small Business

At Lang Company, we believe that every business can save on its printing costs with programs like this. It does not matter if you own a small- or medium-sized business, you can still take advantage of our services to optimize your printing environment. We are experts in office copiers and printers, and can recommend the best equipment for your office. Our service offerings and recommendations are based on what we believe is best for your business and not a particular brand loyalty. Our loyalty belongs to your organization and what will optimize your processes over everything else.

Total Print Care Is Lang Company’s Answer to Managed Print Services (MPS)

Total Print Care is our comprehensive managed print service that raises the productivity of your office and reduces the overall costs of your operations. Our team will analyze your existing printing environment, propose a new plan of optimization, and implement our recommendations ourselves in your workplace. We manage all installation, set-up, and any training that is required for your employees. We don’t stop there either. Lang Company continually reviews the performance of your equipment and your ongoing costs to ensure that you get the best performance with the lowest expenses.

To learn more about what Total Print Care has to offer your business, contact Lang Company today.

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