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Secure File Transferring for Law Firm Case Study

January 27th, 2020 by admin

We design our document solutions to increase productivity and keep your files secure throughout any communications or transfer of files. We make it possible for you to take advantage of the latest available technology and to do so with confidence in the safety of your information.

Document Solutions With a Personal Approach

Lang Company offers professionally managed document solutions for organizations and businesses that want a single point of contact for all their technology needs. Our team has a diverse set of skills, and we specialize in document solutions along with office systems. All of these together create an invaluable resource for our clients and powerful solutions for their operations.

The full-service law firm of Broderick & Davenport, PLLC was formed in 2010 by prominent Bowling Green, Kentucky, attorneys David F. Broderick and Christopher T. Davenport. It quickly became known as a fast-paced, high-volume law firm, employing six attorneys, seven legal support staff, and six administrative personnel.

The challenge the law firm faced was sending confidential documents to clients and needing to confirm they were received. They identified clear professional security issues with sending them electronically. The other options of shipping them via the post office or other carriers proved to be expensive and too time intensive. The delays this caused also hindered productivity in the office. Legal document management solutions that deliver security and reliability can be challenging for anyone to achieve.

Lang Company's Expertise Delivers Secure Document Sharing

The team at Lang Company met with the firm to consult on the difficulties they were facing and to gain a better understanding of their primary concerns with secure file transferring. It was immediately clear that sending secure information was a critical concern. We recommended Biscom as a software tool to improve and lock down their processes for secure document storage and transfer.

Biscom software comes with the added advantages of:

  • No file size restriction
  • Can be used as a secure email solution
  • Notification receipt when your data is accessed
  • Reduces your Exchange mailbox server size
  • Creates quick ad hoc collaborative workspaces
  • Complete activity/audit reports
  • Auto-deletion schedules
“With the leadership of Gabe, we are confident our data is protected and our equipment is kept up-to-date. He is awesome and our experience is extremely positive. Lang Company and Gabe have been exceptional with our IT management and are highly rated with our customer service needs. We are most happy to have Gabe managing our account.” Broderick & Davenport, PLLC

Biscom Secure File Transfer service kept their confidential data highly secure while ramping up the speed and simplicity of their file transfers. On top of that, they provided auditing tools to track the work and verify the transfer. The Biscom solution was proposed and accepted. Our employees worked directly with the software manufacturer to implement these new processes for the law firm.

Since the implementation, Broderick & Davenport has reported that Biscom operated as expected and delivered the solution they needed. It is projected that the Biscom software will quickly pay for itself in the time it has saved and the increase in productivity. Our process and the Biscom software turned a tedious and frustrating process into a simple and efficient task with added data security features for the law firm's operations.

Send Documents Securely With Professional Solutions

Information and the technologies we use to manage it are growing at an exponential rate across the business world. How your business adapts to these changes in technology will determine the level of success you see in the coming years. Lang Company has the software solutions that work and the expertise to help you execute them. We take the time to understand the unique challenges of your industry and your business.

Our solutions can be your competitive advantage. Let our experts dig into your workflow and day-to-day processes to optimize the functions of your business.

From there, we define a program, plan, and training for your people to help you overcome any hurdles and make the most of the available technology. We are here to help you “Do Business Better,” and we find the solutions that work for you. With Lang Company, you can have the peace of mind knowing you have experts in document solutions on your side. Once we've got your secure file transferring solutions in place, we can talk about things like your managed print services and records management.

To learn more about the document solutions available at Lang Company, reach out to us today.

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