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Ransomware Attacks Can Have Expensive Consequences

September 12th, 2019 by admin

Over the years, we have seen antivirus technology grow by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, we've also seen cyberthreats like viruses and malware grow right along with it. In the past, you could count on common firewalls and antivirus software to keep you protected. It is no longer enough to have standard antivirus software on your computer and call it safe.

You and your business must take significant precautions to stay ahead of these threats and be prepared for when those defenses fall. With Lang Company at your side, we can ensure your network is secure as possible and your data is recoverable when you need it.

A Ransomware Infection Can Be Costly for Your Business

Ransomware is a type of malware that performs a specific form of intrusion. It does not always steal your data or even destroy it. This malicious piece of software will gain access to your operating systems through some form, like an innocent looking email attachment. Once inside, the ransomware encrypts your data so it is still there, but you have no way of using it. Then, the hackers who sent the original piece of malware will demand a ransom be paid to decrypt your files and data.

Many people and businesses might think these types of ransomware attacks won't happen to them. They hear about large corporations being targeted, but the smaller stories are often overlooked. Lang Company headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky, and we've seen that the businesses around here are not safe from these forms of intrusion. Earlier this year, a local health center suffered the type of attack we have explained here.

A Local Health Center Was Forced to Pay the Ransom

The Park DuValle Community Health Center, a local nonprofit that runs medical clinics, was unable to access its records and appointment scheduling system for over a month. They were forced to depend on patients to remember their appointments, their medications, and their medical histories because it was all out of the employees' reach. All the data was still on their computers, but it was encrypted beyond recognition. This attack was the second they had suffered in 2019. After the first intrusion, they were able to recover their data and records from backups, but the second time they were not so lucky.

The Park DuValle staff had patients, doctors, and nurses all depending on them to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. After investing significant funds in the hopes of defeating the encryption, the health center made the difficult decision to pay the $70,000 ransom. The CEO of Park DuValle and its staff assured everyone the confidentiality of their patients was secure, but they still lost valuable time, and their patients' care was at risk without the vital records.

Intrusion Protection Is Not Enough to Ensure Your Security

Businesses like Park DuValle have invested in network security to detect and prevent viruses or malware attacks like this, but that is not always enough. Malware protection is a learning process. As we said before, technology is always advancing and changing. Before the experts can figure out how to stop a new form of malware, they usually have to suffer the consequences of it. There are whole industries dedicated to staying ahead of malicious activity across the web. Your systems can be secure but never 100% impenetrable because no one knows what tool the hackers will use next.

That is why your computer systems need to have data backup strategies and disaster recovery plans in place. These services will ensure that if you ever suffer a data loss or attack, your information will be recoverable. The team at Lang Company will get to know the details of your company and create a unique backup solution that fits your work environment. Our software will replicate your information and, depending on your needs, store it locally onsite or offsite with a data center. With our support, you can feel confident your records and data will be safe and recoverable.

Contact Lang Company today to learn more about threats like ransomware or our managed services.

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