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Lang Company Celebrates 75 Years of Raising Productivity in Office Technologies

February 10th, 2020 by admin

Of course, office technology has changed quite a bit since we started our business over 75 years ago, but we remain committed to delivering the most effective solutions for your office.

Dedicated to Helping Our Customers 'Do Business Better'

Our founder, Forrest Lang, could never have imagined all the wonderful things technology would bring to today's office, but he set the vision of building a company based on always finding ways to help our customers be more productive and efficient in the office. We believe our prolonged success is a result of his early dedication to helping our customers “Do Business Better.” It is that principle that has guided us through all these years and the changes in our industry.

Today, we are a full-service technology provider offering products and services from print/scan to advanced Managed IT Services, Document Workflow and Management Software, and Business Process Improvement. In our early days, being able to use a mimeograph machine to make multiple copies instead of typing or writing on carbon paper was a substantial advancement in office productivity. The mimeograph was replaced by the easy push-button of the copier and not having to deal with messy ink masters.

The copier advanced to include features like zoom enlargement and reduction, automatic two-sided copies, and eventually, the digital transition that allowed scanning and printing with your computer. Then, came the color copier! Our first sale was for a unit that printed 7 pages per minute and cost $75,000…and people were blown away that it was so fast and so affordable. In the interim, we participated in Word Processors, the creation of the Quick Print industry and many, many other products. All offered to help you 'Do Business Better.'

Today, the document can be created, distributed, signed, and stored automatically without ever being printed. The amount of data and information has grown exponentially, so being able to manage and utilize that information is becoming more important than ever to your ongoing success. Technology has moved out of the back office and to the forefront. You know it's important, but are you using it to its fullest?

You can count on Lang Company to be there for you before, during, and after the sale. While we love technology, we believe customer support is just as vital as offering award-winning office equipment and software.

We see the value in taking the time to get to know your business and understand the unique hurdles you're facing. Once we understand your essential business goals, we can help you leverage technology to reach those goals. Whether you want to automate your workflow or simplify your processes, we can help you free up time to focus on those tasks that make the most significant impact on your bottom line.

Our entire team embraces the need for an ongoing education in-office technologies. We stay up to date on the latest advancements and trends so you can trust us to deliver the best solutions that suit your situation. From document solutions to office systems and IT services, we align your technology with your business goals. That's why we've had 75 years of successful business.

Offering Products and Services to Increase Your Productivity

It could be as simple as eliminating extra printers or implementing more advanced document management and automation software. Maybe you are not sure that your IT platforms and information systems are protected and backed-up the way they should be. Our team will assess your current situation and recommend ways to help your business cut costs, automate manual processes, and make your office more effective and efficient.

Your Partner in Productivity for Years to Come

We've built long-term partnerships with numerous customers over the years. Enhancing productivity and transforming your efficiency is not an overnight task. It requires a long-term commitment to discovering the best solutions and trimming away any wastefulness in your practices. That is why we believe in forging long-term relationships with our customers.

You can rely on us to be there when you need us and to always formulate plans for the future of your organization.

We know that you place an enormous amount of trust in us when you select Lang as your business partner. We take that trust seriously by following through on these promises:

  • If you are unhappy or not satisfied with our services or products, we fix it or replace it with a suitable solution.
  • We respond to your service needs promptly, or we credit a portion of your service maintenance fee.
  • We don't trap you with small print rollover contract extensions with penalties that handcuff you to us like others do. We want to earn your business every day.
  • We don't nickel and dime you with unexpected fees and surprise price escalations.
  • We are here when you need us. From a live voice at the end of the phone line up to the president of the company, we are available to assist you in any way.

We enjoy making a difference in the lives of our customers and their work environments. To learn more about Lang Company's history and what we can do for your business, reach out to us today.

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