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Finding the Right Office Copier and Printer for Your Small Business

March 30th, 2021 by admin

The productivity of your office depends on several variables. One of the factors many people tend to overlook is your office copiers and printers. With poor management, these copy machines can become a substantial source of waste for materials and time or even a security risk to your clients and employees.

Selecting Your Office Copy Machine Is an Important Decision

To some, choosing your office copier or printer might seem no different than picking out a new stapler. One might think they could just find the one that works well, performs the tasks you need, and comes at an affordable price. However, there's more to it than that. Even a small office copy machine can be a drain on your resources when it's mismanaged. Your in-house IT team takes the time to try and fix it when it breaks down. Your employees waste supplies and time printing poor-quality copies or trying to figure out how to perform a specific task.

Worse than lost productivity is the loss of secure data. If your multifunction device is running on an unsecured network or not adequately protected from intrusion, then any information sent to the copier or printer could be stolen by outside sources. A report from Quocirca's latest 2018 Global Print Security Report says printer-related data breaches are costing businesses an average of more than $400,000 a year. This study adds that 60% of organizations saw at least one printer-related data breach in the past year.

Finding the right copier or printer that fits into the workflow of your business is essential, and making sure it's secure from intrusion is just as vital. At Lang Company, we are experts in managing documents, optimizing the processes of your business, and ensuring the safety of your multifunction devices.

One of our missions is to help customers find the most efficient ways of operating their businesses. This means eliminating the risk of intrusion or data loss, along with optimizing your daily operations. The devices and hardware you use every day play a significant role in that, and we are here to help you find the best commercial copy machine for your business.

Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Office Copiers and Printers

Picking out a new commercial printer or copier is not a simple process. Every business is different, and there are separate departments in every business. The demands of those businesses and their departments are all different. So some of the first questions to ask yourself are:

What Do I Use the Office Copier For?

Are you making copies for inner-office distribution? Are prospective clients going to be seeing these materials? How often will you need color, or will it all just be in black and white? The answers to all of these questions will help narrow down the search for the right printer or copier. Also, what size of paper will you be printing?

The terms might not matter to you as much as they do to us, but an A4 device can work with paper sizes up to 8½x14 inches. A3 printers and copiers work up to 11x17-inch paper. Some A3 multifunction copiers handle even larger-format pages. You need to know what sizes of paper you expect to print today and in the future.

What Types of Documents am I Printing?

What kind of paper capacity are you printing each day? Are you printing high-resolution graphics and designs? These are the kinds of questions that determine whether you need a multifunction printer or a printing device that targets your exact needs. The needs of high-end production printing and standard day-to-day printing can often be worlds apart. Will you need a device that punches holes in reports or invoices for you? You need equipment that fits the requirements of your operations.

What Features Do I Need on My Equipment?

Would wireless printing improve your workflow? What kind of security features does your business require? These are the kinds of questions that can be answered by a service provider like Lang. We are here to help you find the answers to these questions and more. Our team and equipment will also be there to supply your equipment and support you in the future.

Does it Offer the Security Safeguards My Business Needs?

If you install a multifunction device on your network and leave it unsecured, hackers could intercept documents or the data storage on the device, and you would be none the wiser. Partner with Lang Company to find the appropriate equipment for your needs. Even if your printer or copier comes with all the latest security features, you need to know they are working correctly and are properly configured for the operations of your business.

Does It Offer Scalability for the Future?

You don't just want to pick a device that works your needs today. Your business needs equipment that can handle your workflow years from now. It might offer the print speed you need now, but what do you expect to change in the future? This decision is another place where our services are valuable. Our team works directly with you to learn your long-term goals and recommend the device that fills all the requirements on your list.

What Type of User Interface Does It Offer?

You might be an expert at using your home office printer, but the multifunction devices at work are most likely going to be more complicated. You need to find the balance between a device that offers everything you need and one that provides a user interface that's simple to understand. At Lang Company, we offer training on the equipment we sell, but your employees should not need a Ph.D. to run the copier.

With many users across multiple devices, it's also an excellent practice to make sure all your equipment has similar interfaces. Your staff will be more productive if they don't have to learn new operations just because they're using a device in a different department.

Finding the Best Copier for Your Small Business Is About More Than Brand Names

At Lang Company, we represent and recommend leading brand names like Copystar/Kyocera, HP, and Konica Minolta. However, just picking a leading brand is not enough to optimize the copying and printing functions of your workplace. Whenever we make a recommendation, it is based on what we believe is best for your business and the functions of your employees. We partner with your team to get you the printing solutions you need at a price you can afford.

There are times when optimizing your print environment is more about the location and number of your devices rather than the brand name on the side. We analyze your workflow process to help you find the best spot for the printers you need. Our team is also there to aid your business in reducing the number of print devices to give your employees what they need without wasting supplies. We determine the actual usage of each print device in your fleet down to the pages per minute. This data equips us to better understand the printing and copying demands of your workplace.

Award-Winning Managed Print Services

Picking the right partner to maintain your multifunction devices is just as important as choosing the right device. Along with finding the best office copier and printer for your office, Lang Company offers Total Print Care, our managed print service. This process is how we analyze your printing environment, propose solutions for optimization, and implement effective changes in your workflow.

Then, we back it all with our award-winning service department and friendly customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.. At Lang, our goal is the same as it has been since 1945. We provide you with the best solution to help you be more productive and efficient in the office. Do Business Better with Lang!

To learn more about finding the best office copier and printer for your workplace, contact Lang Company today.

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