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Custom Staffing Case Study: Proactive Managed Services

April 3rd, 2020 by admin

We provide equipment and solutions that transform your technology from a liability into a competitive advantage for your business.

Less Predictability Leads to Less Productivity in Your Workforce

It was 1969 when Custom Staffing Services first opened their doors in Evansville, IN. The founders, Sue Ann Noveroske and Martha C. Bowers, were already hard at work finding the right people for the right jobs. All those years of hard work have paid off. Custom Staffing currently stands as the largest locally owned recruiting company in their Tristate area. Along the way, they've added new divisions and even multiple new office locations.

Even with all this success in their history, they were fighting a multitude of issues with their technology. Computers were breaking down daily and affecting their workflow. Computer network issues were making file sharing and accessing their CRM unreliable and unpredictable. All of these issues were creating an unreliable network and frequent downtime in their operations. They were seeing a negative impact on staff productivity and morale.

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At the time, Custom Staffing had an IT service provider that would respond when their systems and equipment would go down, but this form of reactive service was leaving the client in a constant battle against their technology. They needed a solution that would get their process back on the right track and an IT service provider that could get them ahead of their problems, not just supply temporary fixes. Luckily, they already had a connection with the team at Lang Company and the print and imaging side of our business.

Let Lang Company Help You Get Ahead of Your Disruptions With IT Strategic Planning

Custom Staffing Services already had a working relationship with Lang and the print side of our business. Thanks to the success they saw there, they trusted Lang's IT365 managed services dedicated information technology team to succeed where others had failed. Instead of just reacting to their problems as they arose, the IT365 team laid out a proactive, comprehensive plan for preventing the same network problems from recurring. This approach included a technology roadmap to turn Custom Staffing's technology into a competitive advantage instead of a liability.

“Lang has serviced our account for over three years. We are so pleased with their service and equipment. Superb customer service.” - Pam Evitts, Custom Staffing Services

With remote monitoring and remote help desk support, our analysts are working constantly behind the scenes to make sure their data was secure around the clock. Those support services also ensured their systems and technology were performing at peak efficiency throughout the day. All these resources work together to prevent those recurring issues they were having. When disruptions do occur, IT365's remote help desk offers an immediate network troubleshooting response and field technicians are available when onsite repairs are required.

We Deliver Results That Positively Impact Client Systems for Years to Come

By using Lang's IT365 program, Custom Staffing now sees technology as a competitive advantage instead of a weight that slows them down. Our proactive approach to managed services, and the technology roadmap we built for them, have reduced their incident tickets by over 90%. They now have the freedom to make plans for future investments and our assistance has provided a dramatic improvement in their employees' ability to access information in a timely manner. We've able to do all of this while enhancing their level of security, guaranteeing their future productivity.

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It can be difficult to find a quality IT provider that understands what makes a difference in a client's workspace. There are many different services. On top of that, technology is always changing. You need technology experts who understand the impact technology can have and what it can do to optimize the functions of a workplace. Lang Company has been invested in making a positive change for our clients for over 75 years. We're ready to supply your business with enterprise-level IT services at small business prices. To learn more about Lang Company's IT365 managed services and IT team, reach out to us today.

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