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Automated Document Workflow & Management

December 21st, 2020 by admin

Maximize Your Time and Minimize Your Frustration

Digitize Your Paper Workflows and Set Your Organization Free!

Document management is more than just moving your paper filing system over to a computer. It's about regaining control of your time, energy, and most importantly, your information, with automated document workflow.

We at Lang Company understand the importance of maintaining accurate and organized records, especially with information exploding at an increasing rate. Paper documents and forms remain a big part of an organization's knowledge base. While it is true that we built our company on printers and copiers and there is still a place for paper output, the truth is our world is now trending towards using digital document management and document automation software via the cloud and there are strong reasons to do so.

  1. Information Unleashed

    All that paper-based information is trapped in your filing cabinets. Having quick access to all that information in a timely manner is an empowering tool for your organization. Paper forms may be simple to create and easy to throw in a file folder, but a paper filing system takes up space, is prone to filing errors or misplaced documents. Retrieving files is time-consuming and lends itself to more misfiled or misplaced documents.

  2. Timely Information

    Get the information you need from wherever you work. This is especially true during the pandemic. Imagine having all your critical information at your fingertips. Not just the archived files but live working documents that are in an automated document workflow. These digital document workflows let everyone see the status of the document, what stage it is in, and who is responsible for the next step. A good digital document management system triggers alerts and reminders to keep your information flowing unlike those paper documents sitting on someone's desk.

  3. Information Sharing

    Sharing information from the same document can make a huge difference in your organization. Things happen from the time a document is created until it reaches its final archive. Edits, changes, additions, and page replacements all create opportunities for costly errors to occur by having multiple paper versions in your paper-based workflow. Our digital document workflow keeps everyone on the same page and greatly reduces errors and mistakes.

  4. Privacy and Security

    Keep your information safe and secure. Our digital document management systems allow you to protect your files from fire, natural disasters, or theft by being able to store the documents in the cloud or having a back-up of the documents in the cloud. Another security feature of the electronic filing system is its ability to restrict access and rights by users so they are only seeing the information they need to see. All this can be managed by your IT department the same way they managed access to your network. Our audit trail ensures you never have to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Let Your Documents Work for You, Not Against You

Our Automated Document Workflow System Eliminates the Need to Digitize Your Paper Documents Through Online Forms

Having all your important documents in a document management software can be a game-changer for your organization. Trying to get all that information into your automated document workflow, however, is where a lot of document file management systems run into problems. Keying in the meta index information required to maintain an accurate filing system can be a tedious and mind-numbing task.

At the Lang Company, we have partnered with Square9 to use their GlobalSearch® software. GlobalSearch® uses key metadata within each document to categorize its contents into the department, team, role, and/or project fields. Unlike other document management software, our program streamlines and automates the tedious task of indexing by using features like key free indexing and zonal OCR. These features greatly reduce the time and drudgery your team spends on digitizing paper copies correctly.

Our document management systems are custom designed to fit the needs of your organization. Combining the principles of Business Process Optimization (BPO) and automated document management, we help you create a system to automate and simplify input, improve and automate workflows, and archive your documents fit your team's projects and processes. With Square9, we can also integrate with your Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and many others to enhance the automation of your documents.

We handle the organization and movement of your documents, so you can focus on the growth of your organization.

What Does an Automated Document Workflow Provide?

  • Collaboration - Teams and Departments share the same documents, allowing them to see completed tasks and upcoming needs.
  • Ease-of-Access - All documents can be searched through multiple methods and are placed into a role or task-specific folder.
  • Accountability - Team leaders can quickly update themselves on team progress and then communicate with teams on upcoming needs. Alerts and reminders are sent to keep documents moving.
  • Security - Document permissions can be set through IT document management, restricting access to sensitive information.
  • Time - With document automation software, your team will spend less time placing documents into their proper space or searching for files they need.
  • Focus - Teams can focus their attention on project tasks and goals, instead of ensuring correct file organization.
  • Growth - With more time and focus, you will see more daily effort spent on organizational growth instead of document storage and retrieval.

Using Global Search's online form creator, people can bypass paper forms altogether and input the information directly into your workflow from their computer, tablet, or even their phones. Missing or incomplete information is a thing of the past as our online forms feature requires all fields to be completed correctly before entering the document into your automated document flow.

No one needs to come into the office to fill out forms. They can do it from anywhere.

Empower your workforce by unleashing the power of information where you need it when you need it with Document Automation and Management by Square 9 and Lang Company.

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